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RoboShambo is a 3rd-person action shooter game created by a team of student programmers, artists and designers for the Games Production Workshop course at The Art Institute of Vancouver. It was developed in XNA within the course of 6 months.


  • 6 player combat over a network
  • 3 distinct robot classes
  • 3 highly detailed arenas
  • Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes
  • Competitive or Cooperative gameplay




As effects programmer on the project, I was in charge of making sure things like the particle and weapon systems worked well enough together to achieve the result we needed and were robust enough to allow the flexibility to tweak values easily and get instant feedback throughout development. I wrote the particle system using PointSprites to take advantage of their efficiancy versus simple textured polygons. On top of the effects, I also collaborated with our Lead Programmer to develop the content pipeline processors for our player models. This allowed our artist to create their full player models in Maya and have our framework pull pieces, such as the weapon models from that model during the content processing part of the build.

Pygame 2D Game Engine (Faust)

Faust is my first attempt at creating a pygame framework for 2D game development. It includes most of what one would need to create a simple sprite based game with collisions, animations and UI.

Requires: Python (www.python.org) and Pygame (www.pygame.org)

XNA 2D Game Engine (MechLib)

MercLib is my latest attempt at the creation of a succinct game framework for XNA. Currently, everything required to create a free-standing local XNA game has been created and I am working to include more features as time progresses.


  • Resource Managment (Models, Textures, Fonts)
  • State Management
  • Entity Management
  • Input Handling

Current Version: 0.01a
Requires: XNA Framework

Castles and Catapults

Castles and Catapults is a physical board game design I created as part of a game design class. It is a turn-based 2 player strategy game where players lay siege to each other's castles in an attempt to kill their opponent's king.

It is heavily inspired by games like Puerto Rico by Rio Grande Games and Siege by Mindscape.


  • 2 Player turn-based combat
  • Empire building and expansion
  • Phase selection strategy

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